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Let Roxy Insurance help you design a life insurance policy to fit your specific circumstances. To request a free life insurance quote or find out more about the insurance programs offered by Roxy Insurance give us call or drop us a  note visit our "Contact Us" tab.

Term Insurance

·Policy that lasts for a specific “term” of time
·Does not accumulate cash value
·Good for a temporary need for Life Insurance
·Most Inexpensive type of life insurance
·Good to start with if it is all you can afford

1.     Replace income for dependents
2.     Pay final expenses
3.     Create an inheritance for your heirs
4.     Pay federal “death” taxes and state “death” taxes
5.     Make significant charitable contributions
6.     Create a source of savings

  • You are never too young to buy Life Insurance
  • It will cost more the later you start
  • It can never be taken away if your health deteriorates
Roxy Insurance can perform a free analysis of your life insurance needs and help you select the best life insurance 
plan from many highly rated life insurance companies. The Roxy team can provide you with multiple quotes for term life insurance or whole life insurance from the nation's top rated life insurance companies.

Whole Life Insurance

·Pays face value if you die
·Accumulates cash
·Cash can be borrowed for your use
·Cash is considered an asset
·Premium can be paid with cash balance if necessary
·Cash grows tax deferred


 Why Life Insurance? Leave a legacy of love. Whether you need to secure a loan, are doing estate planning or just want to ensure your family is provided for if your life is cut short, life insurance can provide this protection.  Many financial experts consider life insurance to be the cornerstone of sound financial planning. It can be an important tool in the following situations: 

Life Insurance