Cindy Weigel

Business: 773-510-3960

People are Talking…

Melany Joy Beck:
I cannot express how fortunate I was to have Cindy Weigel as my insurance agent. She has consistently gone above and beyond as an insurance provider and offered products and services that were literally a lifesaver. She was always available for questions or issues. When I was involved in an auto accident, she talked me through all the confusing paperwork and was there throughout what could have been a truly horrendous process. A top notch agent and individual, Cindy is a rare find.

Sarah Victory:
Cindy Weigel is a high integrity person and you can count on to really be there for you! When I had a car accident she called to see how I was doing. She was so supportive and helped me out even though my policy was through another carrier.
Wow! A+++ to Cindy!!

Walker Lawrence:
Cindy  has provided insurance for my wife and I since we move to the Chicagoland. She has consistently helped us resolve

problems, receive good rates, and provide stellar customer service. I would recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

Ingrid Theissen:
Cindy is effective and efficient. She will go out of her way to get you the right price every time. She is Friendly, cooperative and a very good listener.

Barbara Meyer:

Cindy is a high energy person who truly cares about the people she is serving. I consider Cindy to be trust worthy and

hardworking. She does what she promises and finishes what she starts. She is generous with her time and does the job right. I know Cindy because she runs a networking group I belong to. She is always everywhere, making sure the group runs smooth and everyone gets what they need. I enjoy working with Cindy, she is good people.

Mary Nack:
CIndy always puts her client's needs above her own. She is sincere in her desire to help others. Cindy truly works as a trusted advisor for the benefit of her clients.

JJ Rusch:
I have worked with Cindy on projects for her business and for mine. She is absolutely the type of person you want to work with: responsible, open minded, diligent and giving. I wish I could work with her all the time!

5700 N. Lincoln Ave., #205, Chicago, IL 60659